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What Our Customers Say:

Driving simulators allow active learning by making it possible to give immediate feedback on driver performance. It is as close as a person can come to training on real roads with a licensed driving instructor, but without the crash risk.

NHTSA's Report on Global Best Practices in Driver Training

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For Corporate Drivers

Virtual HD® is the premier product in VDI’s voice integrated training portfolio designed specifically for corporate fleets of any size. Virtual HD is a voice controlled, interactive simulation-based driver safety program designed to improve hazard recognition skills, lower accident rates and reduce distracted driving. 

This unique driver training program focuses on eliminating the primary reason why drivers become involved in a crash: a failure to recognize and react to hazardous driving situations. Virtual HD is better training in less time.  Lessons include:


Distracted Driving      Following Distance      Parking Lots

Hazard Anticipation & Recognition                  Motorcycles

  US & Canadian versions available.     














Reduce Distracted & Impaired Driving


When it comes to distracted driving, young people are among the most likely to text and drive. Unfortunately, adults are guilty of distracted driving as well.  VDI's product portfolio includes two training programs to deter distracted driving for both adult drivers as well as teens and young adults. 

>>For Adults & Corporate Fleets

Employers that require employees to drive as a part of their job should be vigilant about curbing distracted driving. Driver training can improve lawsuit defense. Mitigate your organization's risk by implementing a driver safety program focused on reducing distracted driving.  In Virtual HD, the driver experiences firsthand the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. 

>>For Teens & Young Adults

One Simple Decision® highly engages students by having them "live through" the risks and consequences of driving distracted or impaired, making it a valuable and effective addition to any driver safety program.


  US & Canadian versions of One Simple Decision are available.











Bob Davis, President & CEO of Virtual Driver Interactive was featured live on 6/30/12 Fox News Channel's "Fox & Friends" morning show to discuss the One Simple Decision program and impact it has made on deterring distracted driving and saving lives.  Click here for the video.

Virtual Driver Interactive manufactures virtual training simulators and does not provide public services.  Click here to find a virtual trainer near you. 

For Teen Drivers


VDI's knowledge and skills based driver training programs include StreetReady for new drivers and VDDC (Virtual Defensive Driving Course) for more experienced drivers. Both were designed in partnership with proven driver training curricula and are exclusively available on VDI's virtual trainers.

One Simple Decision

One Simple Decision is VDI's attitudes and behavior based driver training program. The simulation-based impaired and distracted driver program was designed and proven to stop destructive driving behaviors. Young drivers are immersed in a personal experience and live through the consequences of their driving decisions.

StreetReady teaches and assesses new drivers just as an instructor would during behind-the-wheel driving. No other simulation comes close to offering the assessment and scoring built into StreetReady™.

VDDC teaches the licensed driver advanced defensive driving techniques. 


USA Today features Virtual Driver Interactive simulators showing young drivers the risks of distraction.  Click here for full story.


CNN features Virtual Driver Interactive twice! 

CNN interviews Bob Davis, President & CEO of Virtual Driver Interactive, on 1/15/13 highlighting the One Simple Decision product.  Click here for video

CNN airs "Virtual Tragedies Get Teens' Attention Behind the Wheel" featuring VDI's One Simple Decision  Click here for the video.












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