Teen Driver Training & Assessment – The Program You Wish Everyone Would Take


Unlimited Training and Experience in an Amazing, Complex Virtual World

Virtual Driving Essentials™ is a completely immersive virtual learning experience designed for teen drivers to emphasize critical skills essential to safe driving. We packed every new revolutionary feature into Virtual DE we could think of to accelerate learning. With nearly 50 miles of drivable area including all types of roads, weather conditions, traffic patterns, pedestrians, animals and complex situations – there is just no better way to learn.

This is WAY More than a Driving Simulator

We begin with a pre-drive assessment loaded with situations that are scored to provide a baseline of driver ability. From there you embark on hours of involved, interactive learning. Since distracted driving has now spread to distracted WALKING, Virtual DE even has a lesson on being a safe pedestrian.

Virtual DE showcases the very best combination of learning techniques, features and functions combined with the very latest in graphical engines to provide superior visuals. Wind in the trees, sun in your eyes, snow on the ground – Virtual DE has it all.



Virtual DE consists of 16 lessons that take about 3 hours to complete. The Virtual Driver Interactive, Inc. development team has created an amazing “intelligent traffic” world where the cars around you present challenging behavior that is never the same in any two drives. Take the same lesson again and you’ll see entirely different traffic conditions. Virtual DE also provides for an unlimited amount of driving practice by using the Free Drive Lesson. It is all about learning and practicing so allowing students more time “behind the virtual wheel” without impacting their scores.

• Lesson 1: Pre-Assessment Drive
• Lesson 2: Car Control (Speeding & Physics)
• Lesson 3: Scanning & Hazard Detection (Keep Your Eyes Moving)
• Lesson 4: Subtle Clues (Enhance Scanning Techniques)
• Lesson 5: Hidden Hazards (Expect the Unexpected)
• Lesson 6: What If? (Anticipation Training & Overcorrection)
• Lesson 7: Managing Intersections (Scanning & Anticipation)
• Lesson 8: Signaling (Communicate Your Intentions)
• Lesson 9: Safe Following Distance (Why 4-6 Seconds Matter)
• Lesson 10: Space Management (Keep Away From Other Vehicles)
• Lesson 11: Share the Road (Bicycles & Motorcycles)
• Lesson 12: Weather & Road Conditions (Skidding & Hydroplaning)
• Lesson 13: Parking Lots & Backing Dangers (See and Be Seen)
• Lesson 14: Deterring Distracted Driving (Texting & Distractions)
• Lesson 15: Post Assessment (To Measure Improved Proficiency)
• Lesson 16: Free Drive (Unlimited practice driving in a complex virtual world with the ability to select weather conditions, traffic density and time of day)

Driving Essentials includes the opportunity for parents or trainers to participate by providing a companion portal site accessible via a home, library or work computer. Parents or trainers will have the ability to see an abbreviated video (approximately 60 – 90 seconds) of each lesson that their student has taken along with discussion questions to provide a means of creating dialogue about key learning points. In this way, the companion program will provide an ‘excuse’ to talk about driving. Additionally, this exposure will provide everyone with an opportunity to incorporate what is being learned into their OWN driving practices!

Our Reporting is Visionary

From a measurement standpoint, perhaps the greatest feature of Driving Essentials is the Vision reporting feature. An instructor will be able to view reports from every simulator to compile progress reports. The data collected will provide:

  1. What lesson each student has completed within the Virtual DE program.
  2. How many students have completed the program and the amount of elapsed time per lesson.
  3. Scores of students at each level of the program.
  4. Their Pre & Post Assessment scores reflecting a ‘before and after’ measurement of the skills from their demonstrated expertise.
  5. Measurement of crucial driving behaviors appropriate to conditions including:
    • Safe following distance
    • Scanning left-right-left at intersections
    • Heavy braking leading to rear end collisions
    • Speeding and car physics
    • Proper lane position when responding to hazards









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Client Success

We have been using Virtual Driver Interactive for almost a year now and it has been very good for our students.  The program is realistic and very interactive.  We have about 300 students a year that use the system.  The students have given positive feedback as well.  Students like how it’s self paced and realistic.  I like how I can change the driving conditions and see how the system reacts. This is a great place to start with brand new drivers.

Mark Baker – Driver Education Teacher, Provo High School Utah

We installed 13 VDI simulators this summer and our high school students have truly enjoyed the upgraded experience. These simulators teach everything from how speeding affects the physics of the car to the serious dangers associated with distracted driving. The sixteen lesson Driving Essentials program wonderfully complements our driver education classroom and lab components. Driving simulation allows my instructors to teach important lessons – like speeding or texting – that would be too dangerous to demonstrate on the road. The One Simple Decision program powerfully tackles the problem of distracted or impaired driving with realistic and hard-hitting scenarios.  Thank you again for providing such a useful and versatile driver education curriculum product.  The installation could not have gone smoother.  Your assistance throughout the procurement process and especially your “service after the sale” has been top notch.  We are extremely pleased with our VDI purchase.
Charles J. Wise – Curriculum Supervisor, Alachua County Public Schools Florida

We currently have 24 VDI simulators in four high schools in Forsyth County Georgia. VDI is state of the art when it comes to creating a realistic program for training young drivers without putting them in harm’s way on the road. The graphics are realistic and incorporate many lessons teaching students the correct way to handle hazardous road conditions. The students enjoy the lessons and parents have the ability to know what is being taught so they may be aware of what their children are learning week by week. Installation is stress-free and the installers are very professional. The One Simple Decision program includes distracted and impaired driving which is so important to address as many drivers are distracted leading to our increased death rate in our country.

Sherry Stein – Executive Director, LEADER Program / Forsyth County Schools Georgia

VDI has been an outstanding partner to work with offering a virtual training product that truly engages kids. After passing Joshua’s Law in 2005, I worked with VDI to put simulators in schools throughout the State of Georgia increasing the number of students taking Driver Education by 450% and reducing teen deaths by 20%. These simulators WORK!
Alan Brown – Founder & Executive Director, Joshua Brown Foundation