Virtual Driver Interactive is a subsidiary of New York-based Cemtrex Inc. (NASDAQ: CETX, CETXP, CETXW), a technology company driving innovation in Internet of Things (IoT), security, machine vision & artificial intelligence, and augmented & virtual reality.

Virtual Driver Interactive is located  in California and is a simulation-based driver safety training organization.  We are well known for our innovative driver training simulation solutions and provide effective and engaging systems for all ages and skills.

Our products offer comprehensive training for new teen drivers, advanced training for corporate fleets and even a remarkable boating safety skills trainer . . . all while focusing on the dangers of distracted driving.

By offering a wide range of training courses and many system options, VDI’s customers can expect highly portable, affordable and effective solutions. VDI program titles include:

  1. Advanced Driver Safety™ – designed specifically for corporate fleet safety programs
  2. Virtual Driving Essentials™ – simulation-based driver training and assessment program teaching drivers critical skills essential to safe driving
  3. Driving Essentials XE™ – teen driver training program teaching the critical skills essential to safe driving using Xbox or PlayStation
  4. One Simple Decision® – an evidence based effective deterrent to distracted or impaired driving
  5. Boating Skills Virtual Trainer™ – award winning, simulation-based boating safety training


Andre Luongo

Andre Luongo
General Manager

As General Manager, Andre is responsible for the overall operations of Virtual Driver Interactive, a division of Cemtrex, Inc..   Andre is also the creative force behind the programs, designing products from the ground up that incorporate the latest technologies, to make more effective training programs. His programs are currently used by some of the world’s largest fleets.

An engineering graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Andre has experienced a variety of roles throughout his career including sales, management, engineering and marketing.

Today, Andre’s efforts are directed towards correcting what he sees as a major lag in the use of technology for effective, real-world training.


Van Flanigan

Van Burns
Eastern Sales Director

As Eastern Sales Director, Van is responsible for nationwide sales to corporate, educational and governmental entities. She works with businesses and risk management groups to reduce accident rates and with health and safety groups to promote awareness, prevent injuries and enhance driver safety.

A graduate of University of Georgia, Van has spent over 20 years in corporate sales and marketing winning top awards in both disciplines. As the mother of two, she is committed to changing driving behaviors and reducing crash related deaths and injuries.


Pam LeFevre

Pam LeFevre
Vice President of Marketing

As the Vice President of Marketing, Pam is responsible for the execution of marketing strategies for VDI. She offers 25+ years of marketing & operations experience and is responsible for conceptualizing and implementing comprehensive lead generation programs for emerging verticals. Pam directs all marketing, advertising, and promotional activities, including elevating VDI’s brand awareness, identifying new market opportunities, and providing the sales team with actionable opportunities and tools.