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Client Success

July 17, 2014


VDI customer Kidzplay makes its virtual trainer available to NY State Police, Northtown World Auto Center, Lion High School and Buffalo Auto Show.
July 17, 2014

Lee Memorial Trauma Center

Lee Memorial Trauma Center and Injury Prevention Coalition purchase VDI's 'One Simple Decision' to teach communities the devastating impact of driving distracted or impaired.
July 17, 2014

Winchester Medical Center

Winchester Medical Center uses VDI's "One Simple Decision" program to educate the community on the dangers of distracted driving.
July 17, 2014

Indiana SADD

Indiana SADD bring awareness to Provident High School students in Clark county.
July 17, 2014

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute

Indiana Criminal Justice Institute utilizes VDI virtual trainers to raise public awareness in the state of Indiana about the dangers of texting and driving.
July 17, 2014

Simulated Virtual Driver

See how this Texas-based driving school, Simulated Virtual Driver, uses VDI virtual trainers to enhance its program at the Autozone National Sales Meeting.
July 18, 2014

Bolland Driving Solutions

VDI customer Bolland Driving Solutions showing devastating consequences of driving distracted and impaired to young adults in Canada.
July 18, 2014

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Lehigh Valley Health Network uses VDI's "One Simple Decision" to prevent deaths associated with distracted and impaired driving.

July 18, 2014

Moncar Simulator

Moncar Simulator uses VDI virtual trainers in an innovative mobile application to teach Richmond drivers 'best in class' safety.
July 18, 2014

Mountain View Police Department

VDI simulator to be purchased by Mountain View Police Department to be used in their new program called Th3 La$t M$g.
July 18, 2014

Brain Injury Association of New Jersey

Brain Injury Association of New Jersey and the New Jersey Division of Traffic Safety team up to launch U Got Brains Champion School Project. The winning school will receive a VDI virtual trainer, donated by New Jersey Manufacturers Insurance Company.
July 18, 2014

Chad Hymus Communications

Chad Hymus Communications purchases VDI simulators to show teens the consequences of distracted or impaired driving.
November 4, 2015

Billings Clinic

billings clinicThe Billings Clinic rolled out a new VDI simulator  to show teens what it is like to drive while distracted.  They go to different safety fairs and all of the drivers ed classes in the school district.
January 22, 2018

ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital

ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital educates their community on the impact of being distracted while driving.
January 22, 2018

Glen Falls City Court

Glens Falls City Court has been chosen as the site for state’s court system’s first VDI computerized driving simulator as part of a pilot program to better educate problem drivers.
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