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What Our Clients Say:

VDI’s driving simulators have proven to be a cost-effective and engaging way to provide refresher training before and after accidents to our Postal Carriers and Tractor/Trailer Operators.   More importantly, the simulation-based driver safety training has considerably reduced accident rates in the Suncoast District during our trial period compared to the same period last year.  In fact, we have had only one backing accident since we got the simulator in Tampa compared to last year when there were 26!

Andrea L. Maddicks, Manager Transportation & Networks - US Post Office, Suncoast District - Tampa, FL

We installed 13 VDI simulators this summer and our high school students have truly enjoyed the upgraded experience. These simulators teach everything from how speeding affects the physics of the car to the serious dangers associated with distracted driving. The sixteen lesson Driving Essentials program wonderfully complements our driver education classroom and lab components. Driving simulation allows my instructors to teach important lessons – like speeding or texting – that would be too dangerous to demonstrate on the road. The One Simple Decision program powerfully tackles the problem of distracted or impaired driving with realistic and hard-hitting scenarios.  Thank you again for providing such a useful and versatile driver education curriculum product.  The installation could not have gone smoother.  Your assistance throughout the procurement process and especially your “service after the sale” has been top notch.  We are extremely pleased with our VDI purchase.

Charles J. Wise, Curriculum Supervisor - Alachua County Public Schools, Florida
Hatboro-Horsham High School

We are extremely happy about the product we received from VDI this summer.  We were in desperate need of an overhaul in our driver’s education simulation program and what we acquired was state of the art simulation equipment.  Students love it, teachers laud the realistic simulation and the positive impact of technology in place now is clearly recognizable.

Dennis M. Williams, JR, Principal - Hatboro-Horsham High School

VDI has been an outstanding partner to work with offering a  virtual training product that truly engages kids.  After passing Joshua’s Law in 2005, (Joshua Brown Foundation) I worked with VDI to put simulators in schools throughout the State of Georgia increasing the number of students taking Driver Education by 450% and reducing teen deaths by 60%.  These simulators WORK!

Alan Brown, Founder & Executive Director - Joshua Brown Foundation

When we looked at the potential benefit to Bright House Networks of a new and creative way to address the challenge of distracted driving and the possible payoff, measured in terms of human life, property damage, operations hindrance, and impact to brand name, it just made sense to add the Virtual HD® simulator to our safety program. VDI is working with our Corporate Safety Department to reduce driving errors, save money, and bottom line, to save lives!

Jeff Spackman, Former Director, Corporate Safety - Bright House Networks

It gives the kids a chance to actually try texting and driving without facing the consequences.  We ask them to obey all the traffic laws, use turn signals and concentrate. The simulator shows them just how hard it is to do all of that at once.

Amanda Lee, Spokeswoman - Ohio Dept of Transportation
(One Simple Decision)

I’ve been involved in the simulation presentation before and believe the simulator is making a difference.  We had several students come back to us after the program and tell us that they thought about putting their phones down and they haven’t used them since. So if we’re able to change the habits of one person while they’re driving, everything we’ve done to promote safe driving has been worth it.

Michael Granica, Financial Specialist - Nationwide Insurance
(One Simple Decision)

It’s a full program where you hear the sirens, policeman is knocking on your window.  Depending on the severity of the crash, you could wind up in the hospital.  But that’s not the end.  You end up in court.  The judge sentences you.  And it’s a very powerful statement.  The people that take it say it’s very powerful, and it makes them think.  I took it myself — opened my eyes.

Bill Bishop, AAA Spokesman - AAA
(One Simple Decision)

The Virtual HD® simulator allows us to address driver safety in a new and exciting forum, as opposed to the traditional meeting forum, to continue to drive our safe driving focus.  Since the simulator is portable,  it also allows us to save on travel expenses by bringing the simulator to the employees, which helps us logistically.  The virtual lessons compliment and parallel our current Smith System driving philosophy giving us a more consistent safe driving message.

Dan Diamond, Site Supervisor - PSE&G

The simulators help students practice potentially dangerous driving complications, like rain or snow, in a controlled setting.  They are incredibly helpful.

Bernie Flynn, CEO - New Jersey Manufacturers
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