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Whatever your safety program demands, whether it is corporate or teen driver safety, car, semi-truck or boat, VDI has a virtual trainer hardware option to meet your unique needs.  The VT Touch is our most portable option, all-in-one option and includes a 27” touch screen the dVT desktop series is our most affordable option, and the LX full cab series is fully self-contained.

Desktop Trainers:  Portable.  Affordable.

The desktop series is VDI’s most affordable virtual training option.  This series includes a VT Touch, a dVT3, a dVT29 and a dVT38.

The VT Touch is our most portable, scalable and flexible virtual trainer.  The VT Touch is an all-in-one computer (no tower needed) and includes an impressive 27” touch screen.  The VT Touch was designed for our One Simple Decision program.  The touch screen is used with on-screen phone for live texting demonstration increasing students’ level of engagement.

The VT Touch is the first and only simulation-based training platform portable enough to transport in a small car, convenient enough to set up in minutes and captivating enough to reduce destructive driving behaviors.


dVT Series

The dVT series includes the dVT3 (three screens), dVT29 (single 29″ wide screen), and the dVT38 (single 38″ super wide high definition screen). It will also include the new 29” 21:9 All in One that will be used for Virtual DE; OSD and likely VHD.

Full Size Cabs:  Impressive.  Plug and Play.

The full size cab series is VDI’s most impressive and realistic virtual training option.  This series includes a LX3, LX29 and LX38.

The LX platform is a full cab solution and the series includes the options of a LX3 (three screens), LX29 (single 29” wide screen) and LX38 (38” super wide high definition screen).

The new LX model is perfect for your training center or school classroom implementation.  Custom designed using the latest materials; the LX features realistic controls, such as a steering wheel and foot pedals combined with an optional seat belt. Unlike other three-screen options on the market, the LX38 platform’s super-wide monitor design offers a 180-degree field of view with no monitor frames to hide critical road hazards.

With the LX series you have “curb appeal” with no complex set up.  Once set up it can be easily rolled through a normal doorway by one person with no disassembly.



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