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Hardware Options

Hardware Choices

After You Select the Software Title(s) That Work Best For Your Safety Program Needs, It Is Time to Focus On What Hardware Solution Is Needed.

Whatever your driver safety program demands, VDI has a virtual trainer to meet your needs.  We offer options for all types of training including corporate fleets, teen drivers, distracted driving awareness and even boating!  If you need highly portable or highly impressive or somewhere in between – we have choices for all types of uses. The VT Touch is our most portable, all-in-one option with a 27″ touch screen. The dVT desktop series is our most affordable option and the LX full cab series is our fully self-contained option.

Desktop Series

The desktop series includes all-in-one and desktop options. The all-in-one trainers have the computer and speakers built into the monitor. The desktop trainer options include the:

  • dVT3 (Set of three 22” monitors)
  • dVT34C (34” curved monitor)
  • dVT37 (37” wide monitor)
  • dVT49C (49” super wide curved HD monitor)
  • VT Touch (27” all-in-one system)

Cab Series

While the cab series is VDI’s most impressive system it is also just “plug and play”. Custom designed for great ‘curb appeal’. No complex setup is required—once it is plugged in, it’s ready to go. The cab trainer options include the:

  • LX3 (Set of three 22” monitors )
  • LX37 (37” wide monitor)
  • LX49C (49” super wide curved HD monitor)

Cab LX49C

49” Super Wide Curved Monitor


Cab LX37

37” Wide Monitor


Cab LX3

Set of Three 22” Monitors


Desktop 49C

49” Super Wide Curved Monitor


Desktop 37C

37” Wide Monitor


Desktop 34C

34” Curved Monitor


Desktop 3

Set of Three 22” Monitors


VT Touch*

All-in-One 27” System


*The VT Touch system supports the One Simple Decision program only.

Software Choices

Virtual Driving Essentials

Critical Skills Essential to Safe Driving

Virtual Driving Essentials is an immersive virtual learning experience designed to teach teen drivers the critical skills essential to safe driving. Revolutionary new features such as measuring reaction time, real-time violation tracking, a web-based parental companion program and both pre and post assessment drives to prove the transfer of learning and mastery of the topics are included. This knowledge and skills based driver training program combines engaging curriculum with the finest available graphics and simulation technology allowing students to learn and practice critical driving skills in a safe, controlled environment.

Training For: Teens
Organizations Using It: Schools, Juvenile Justice, Job Corps

One Simple Decision

Deter Distracted Impaired Driving

One Simple Decision® is designed to modify driving behavior by illustrating the consequences of choices made behind the wheel. Through the combination of driving simulation, intense interactions and first-person consequences videos, drivers are immersed in a personal experience that results from “One Simple Decision” they chose to make when driving. This simulation experience was created with the direct participation of law enforcement, judicial and trauma personnel and focuses on the consequences of distracted and impaired driving. The key risks addressed include driving impaired by alcohol, fatigue, and legal/illegal drugs.

Training For: Teens & Young Adults
Organizations Using It: Law Enforcement, Healthcare, Insurance, Schools, Military

VirtualHD Logo

Corporate Fleet Driver Safety Training

Virtual Hazard Detection is a 60 minute intensive, interactive session helping fleet drivers recognize and respond to driving hazards. Anticipate and avoid hazards, lower crash rates & reduce distracted driving with Virtual HD®. Virtual HD was developed to be an immersive “commentary drive”, where a driver learns to identify and call out hazards using their voice as they drive through virtual environments. By using advanced learning techniques such as zoom to target, bullet time slow motion, virtual veils and x-ray vision, drivers will learn at an unprecedented pace.

Training For: Experienced Drivers, Fleets
Organizations Using It: Corporate Fleets, Pharmaceuticals, Military

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