Sample Video Questions - Virtual Driver Interactive

Sample Video Questions

Virtual Driver Interative

Q1:  That was stupid.  I think I’m hurt.  What else might have happened?

Choice 1: Totaled my car.

Choice 2:  I caused an injury to someone – now I’ll be convicted of reckless driving.

Choice 3:  Civil lawsuit against me – how can I ever pay off a million dollar settlement?

Choice 4:  My friend wasn’t wearing a seat belt, and died before help could arrive.

Choice 5:  All of the above

Correct Answer:  5

Q2:  Can they prove I was using my cell phone?

Choice 1: The police may ask on the scene.

Choice 2:  My cell phone records will be subpoenaed.

Choice 3:  There are probably witnesses.

Choice 4:  All of the above

Correct Answer: 4

Q3:  Am I guilty of a crime if I didn’t mean it?

Choice 1:  Yes, you are still responsible for your actions.

Choice 2:  No, as long as you didn’t mean to.

Correct Answer:  1

Q4:  Am I OK to drive if my BAC is less than .08?

Choice 1: Yes, that is the legal limit.

Choice 2:  Not necessarily, law enforcement can arrest you for any impairment they believe could harm you or others.

Correct Answer: 2

Q5:  Having just one more passenger in the car increases my chance of getting in a fatal crash by?

Choice 1: 39%

Choice 2:  86%

Choice 3:  182%

Correct Answer: 1

Q6:  What’s going to happen if I’m suspected of driving impaired?

Choice 1: My car is impounded on the spot.

Choice 2:  My driver’s license can be confiscated immediately.

Choice 3:  I’m arrested and held until release.

Choice 4:  All of the above.

Correct Answer: 4

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