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December 12, 2018

Are Your Simulators Over 5 Years Old?

Driving simulators have dramatically improved over the last several years.  The 1950’s Aetna Drivotrainer simulator (pictured) was a combination of an automobile simulator and a movie designed for behind-the-wheel instruction in driver training classroom.  Believe it or not, even today simulators still exist on the market that use the same concept!  Just project a movie of a highway on a large screen in front of a classroom and have the students “drive” along in their simulators.  While somewhat entertaining, it is certainly does not provide the most engaging user learning experience. Unlike driving simulators of the past, today’s virtual trainers are much more targeted and effective at transferring training in a shorter period of time with far less expense.  Virtual Driver Interactive (VDI) simulators use cutting edge graphics computing power and monitor technology ensuring students are immersed in an engaging training session.  Our software programs showcase the very best combination of learning techniques, features and functions as well as the very latest in graphical engines providing superior visuals. So if you want to train your students in the most effective manner possible, it’s time to update your driving simulator.  That was then and this is now.

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