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October 30, 2018

Simulation Training vs. VR Gaming: Proven Effectiveness vs. Proven Sickness

Declining Interest in Virtual Reality Headset-Based Applications

According to the 2018 Game Developer’s Conference survey, virtual reality gaming isn’t catching on as originally anticipated.  The industry is now backing away from virtual reality for training because of the technical AND practical hurdles.........and that doesn't even include hygiene issues, vision/glasses/contacts and the human factors of motion sickness.  Shared VR headsets are just at best a sideshow.  When someone uses VR, what the kid wants is the VR experience - not the purpose or messaging of the experience itself. In other words, using VR for distracted driving training leaves the student thinking about VR for Halo and nothing about actually deterring distracted driving!  Simulation provides for an immersive experience allowing the student to learn the skills essential to safe driving.

by Bob Davis, CEO & President  

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