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January 22, 2019

The “Life Bar”

Because of the way the teenage brain develops, involving teens in something active offers greater chance of achieving higher levels of engagement.

We know that everyone learns better when they are really engaged.  That applies to learning how to learning how to drive as well.   When it comes to "just driving around" even though you may be getting more experience, it still might seem pointless. For the current generation of teens, they've played many games where the length of the challenge is limited by their "Life Bar".  In other words, if you are successful (like not getting shot) then you get to play the game longer. So we thought, WOW, what a great idea for teen driver training. Now, Virtual Driving Essentials and Driving XE, our teen driver training products, have real time "life bars" running across the top of the monitors.  Safe driving earns you more time and making any errors that increase your likelihood of a crash deduct from your bar as they happen. Kids don't care about a score after they are done - they care about their score AS THEY drive. Plus, our company cares about keeping teens safe so the "life bar" holds great meaning to all of us.   By Bob Davis, CEO & President of Virtual Driver Interactive

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