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February 3, 2018

Does Simulation Training Really Work?

We are asked all the time if simulation-based training is really effective.  The answer is a YES18mlhzas2gysvjpgSimulation training dates back to 1950s and has proven to be an effective training tool for the military and first responders. Before pilots fly the world’s most advanced fighter jets, they fly first on simulators.    Emergency vehicle operators use simulators to learn safe driving maneuvers in emergency response situations without endangering themselves or the public. nhtsa-govSo we know simulation works for pilots and military but does it work for training new and experience drivers?  YES.   According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, “Driving simulators allow active learning by making it possible to give immediate feedback on driver performance.”  Moreover, a simulator provides a safe place to learn critical errors . . . without causing harm to the driver or others on the road. We now know that simulation is a viable tool for training drivers, but what about Virtual Driver Interactive simulation training?  Does it really work?    YES.  Both James Madison University and Lehigh Valley Network Hospital recently conducted studies using our simulators and  One Simple Decision training program.  Both found that the students completing the program stated that they are less likely to text or drive impaired in the future.   UPS conducted their own study while having their fleet drivers use our Virtual Hazard Detection (VHD) program and their crash rates reduced 38%.    The US Post Office uses VHD as well and has had only 1 backing accident since they implemented the simulator in their Tampa office compared to last year when there were 26. By augmenting behind-the-wheel training with simulation,  it provides endless hours of instruction that's proven to  reduce texting and driving as well as avoid collisions – it’s a technology-based tool that works.James Madison_impact of simulation (2) For more information, visit our website and check out our Facebook page. by Pam LeFevre, VDI VP of Marketing

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February 3, 2018

Maria Tiberi Foundation Teaches Teens to Keep their Eyes on the Road, Hands on the Wheel and Minds on Driving

"We as parents and grandparents should be outraged that the number one killer of our kids age 8 to 24 is car crashes…it is so preventable.  Education is the key and we must change teen driving behaviors and habits.  Distracted driving is an epidemic in our country.  I believe the use of simulators is a great educational tool,” said Mr. Tiberi.
Back in 2013, Dom & Terri Tiberi founded the Maria Tiberi Foundation in memory of their daughter, Maria, who was killed tragically in an automobile maria tiberi foundationaccident when she collided at 53 mph into the back of a semi truck.  Since Maria had only three years of driving experience, the Tiberi’s are devoted to ensuring no one else has to endure the tragic loss of a loved one due to inexperience or lack of appropriate driver education. Dom, central Ohio TV sports anchor, developed the “Maria’s Message” presentation to create a new generation of Maria Tiberi_5.1.17defensive, not distracted, drivers.  He has delivered this presentation to 83 high school audiences reaching more than 60,000 young people to date.  Additionally, the foundation is providing distracted driving simulators so young people can experience the devastating consequences first hand.  Over 90% of the money raised by the foundation is allocated specifically to purchasing driving simulators and placing them with police departments and school districts who will utilize them in their distracted driving outreach programs. To that end, the foundation has already donated 42 Virtual Driver Interactive simulators throughout Ohio to reach as many teens as possible including the Ohio Department of Transportation, local police departments, sheriff’s offices, school districts and hospitals.
“We want people to realize through these simulators what bad can happen and learn it in a safe environment. Don’t learn it on the highway,” Dom said. “We want to change habits.”
For more information, visit our website and check out our Facebook page. by Pam LeFevre, VDI VP of Marketing [embed][/embed]

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January 22, 2018

ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital

ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital educates their community on the impact of being distracted while driving.
September 17, 2016

ABC 15 in Phoenix

ABC 15 in Phoenix shows how a video game can teach teens how to handle real life driving situations.   Read more.
September 17, 2011

Atlanta’s 11 Alive

Atlanta's 11 Alive Station:  "No Car, No Problem.  Teens Learning to Drive with a Video Game"   Read more.
May 14, 2011

News on 6 Tulsa

Tulsa’s News on 6 reports on how Virtual Driver Interactive creates video game that takes teen driver education to the next level! Read more.
May 8, 2011

Good Day Sacramento CBS

Good Day Sacramento CBS station’s Julissa interviews Bob Davis, CEO & President of Virtual Driver Interactive to show that driving simulation for new drivers is now available on Xbox! Read more.
May 8, 2011

CBS Boston

WBZ-TV in Boston shows how teens can learn to drive with Driving Essentials XE Xbox training program. Read more.
May 8, 2011


News4 in Nashville shows how the new Driving Essentials XE video game can teen drivers the rules of the road. Read more.
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